Framestore’s Concept Art department has revealed some of the concepts that they developed for this year’s blockbuster smash hit movie, World War Z. One of the key points you will see in the designs are their reinventing of the modern day zombie. During an 18 month period, Framestore worked closely with World War Z director Marc Foster, Plan B and Paramount Pictures to develop the zombie concepts for the film. Art Director and Lead Concept Artist Kevin Jenkins had this to say about the zombie concepts:

“We knew it would be hard to re-design a zombie, so we didn’t. Instead, we designed the mass of zombies: the way they moved together, the way they flocked and flowed… As we release concept art, you can see the influence we had on the script and the design of the set pieces.”

In addition to creating the zombies of World War ZFramestore helped develop many of the movie’s key scenes, such as the Jerusalem gate takeover. Take a look at the concepts below and let us know which one is your favorite. Be sure to Like Framestore on Facebook and follow them on Twitter.

World War Z Concept Art by Framestore

All images used with permission by Framestore. © Framestore | Paramount Pictures.  All rights reserved.