Windows 8 Support for Autodesk Products Autodesk intends to support many of our key products on Windows 8 and will add additional support.

Windows 8 represents a fundamental shift in the way Windows works and is far more touchscreen-orientated for use on tablets as well as traditional PCs. If you’re completely new to Windows 8 and haven’t used a preview version.

The real difference between this and previous versions is that Windows 8 is finished; it’s polished and smooth, with even better performance than in the previews, and none of the rough edges left.

Even the previously disappointing Modern UI-style apps such as Mail, Calendar, Messaging and People are slick, sleek and far more functional.However, there is still work to do with these apps and Microsoft knows it – it released a major update to them on 10 October and several other updates subseqently.

Many of the apps are now useful and engaging rather than frustrating. This is Microsoft putting it all together.

The company has also just released a major 170MB Windows 8 update to improve performance, battery efficiency and power management.

Windows 8 Support for Autodesk Products

Windows 8 Support for Autodesk Products


You want to know which Autodesk products are supported on Microsoft Windows® 8.

Note: Unless indicated otherwise, this information applies to the 2013-2010 versions of all Autodesk products. Autodesk product versions of 2009 and earlier are no longer supported and are not included in considerations of Windows 8 compatibility.


to the list of products supported on Windows 8 as updates and future versions are released. Product Support will provide its best effort to assist customers who have issues with products that are not currently supported.The Autodesk products listed below have been tested and are confirmed as working correctly on Microsoft Windows 8 operating system:

  • Autodesk 3ds Max 2013
  • Autodesk 3ds Max Design 2013
  • Autodesk Maya 2013
  • Autodesk MotionBuilder 2013
  • Autodesk Mudbox 2013
  • Autodesk Softimage 2013
  • Autodesk SketchBook Designer 2013

Note: This technical solution will be updated as new Windows 8 compatibility information becomes available.

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