“We do what you do. So, we know what you need”

STORE by GAYARRE infografía 


“We have photographed the non-existent for over 23 years”
More than two decades of experience gathered during the completion of hundreds of architectural visualizations.

Obviously, in the daily work, we, the architectural visualizers, need a lot of resources : textures, 3d models, 2d footage or even fx sounds.

Sometimes you could find what you look for but sadly others are imposible or very expensive. This fact is very frustrating.

We were thinking wich kind of stuff (needed, expensive and rare) could be generated by ourselves and then, create a store to bring it for people, majority like us, that could appreciate it.

Then, the STORE by GAYARRE infografía was born.

We haven´t an enough business capacity that allows us to create, from start, a big store. For this reason, we decided start step by step.

First, it was our SKIES videos TIMELAPSE.


You can purcase them individually or collected.
You´ll find there the full reasons because we´re the best option if you need that kind of resource.Summarizing :Full HD footages, clean and ready to use
Different speeds
Distant perspectives
Competitive prices and royalty free
Natural sky situations : dawn, clear, cloudy and sunset.

The second section in our store is BIRDS.


I was looking for a years for that kind of stuff and, honesty, I think that you´ll don´t find out our store.
In our architectural animation works we miss it. We modelled and animated 3d birds models but, sincerely, it´s not the same.
If you apply Multiply to this layer, you´ll get the birds perfectly post.produced in your final animations or even stills.

We decided to begin film then : solitary, some and flock of birds.
You can purchase them individually or in collections. It depends of your needs.

Captura de pantalla 2013-02-07 a las 00.07.11

Bird´s Collections

Really, it´s very difficult to get them filmed for several reasons :

1 – When you need, it´s very difficult to find them.
2 – Film then during enough time
3 – Special weather conditions to get best results
4 – Fine postproduction work did it for you, so, ready to use.

So, I hope you like it.
I told you, step by step, we´ll follow up making grow it for your needs.

Thanks for your time guys ¡Juan Gayarre

CEO at GAYARRE infografía