We Are Blur!!! | Blur Studio 


Get a look at what working at Blur Studio is like, from the office to the group meetings.

Blur’s got a Kickstarter for our Goon Film project! Please come visit!

We hope you’re out there battling the undead and smashing things with billy clubs to celebrate the holiday! We’ve got a special update for you… a behind-the-scenes TOUR of BLUR STUDIO!


You’ve all seen footage of David, Eric, Tim and Jeff promoting the Kickstarter campaign, but they’re only a FRACTION of the creative force that makes our Goon efforts possible. These are the incredibly talented men and women of BLUR STUDIO…. and yes, we drink BEER and play VIDEO GAMES, but you will never find a more DEDICATED or HARD-WORKING group of artists. For 18 years, they’ve fought to maintain an independent voice in the crowded field of computer animation… a fight that continues with “The Goon” animated feature. Your dollars could not support a more PASSIONATE group… and we won’t let you down!!!