WATCH: Pixar’s RenderMan 21 feature reel : Pixar’s new RenderMan feature reel is so lovely, we thought we should let our subscribers know. The new features in RenderMan 21, illustrated via clips of Piper and Finding Dory Part of the pitch for RenderMan 21 is that it gives you the same lights and shaders used in production at Pixar, so a good part of the reel is shots from Finding Dory, including breakdowns of Hank the octopus.

WATCH: Pixar’s RenderMan 21 feature reel

You also get to see the hair improvements in the newly GPU-accelerated Denoise tool, illustrated through clips from Piper, Pixar’s charming accompanying short.

Other changes include an extension of the Patterns system, used for varying parameters across the surface of an object – and illustrated via the Pixar teapot – and an “up to 17x” speed boost in volume rendering.

The release also ditches RenderMan’s venerable Reyes rendering system and RSL shader language in favour of Pixar’s new RIS architecture and the open standard OSL shading langauge.

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