Industrial Light & Magic shows us some of what they did to bring the special effects in Jurassic Worldto life. You expect the landscapes to be cleaned up and brightened, and of course the dinosaurs aren’t real, but there’s even more going on. For example, the Gyrosphere was cool, but the actual vehicle they used to film the movie was pretty darn cool, too!

It will shock some of you to learn that most of the dinosaurs that you saw in Jurassic World were actually fake. Surprising as that is to learn, the visual effects team in control of creating these beasts did such a sterling job that it was hard to see where their work began and the real footage ended. To help us do just that, Industrial Light & Magic, who worked on the visual effects of Jurassic World, released a handy video showing exactly what their visual effects team worked on.

WATCH ‘Jurassic World’ Visual Effects Breakdown bringing Dinosaurs and Park to Life Again

But what does this video teach us? Well, in order to get the movements of some of the dinosaurs just right, actors and specialists were used to replicate their actions. This meant that a few lucky individuals can now put on their CVs that they played “Baby Triceratops” in Jurassic World.

It’s always a treat to see what’s real and what’s not in blockbuster movies, but what surprised me was how many of those dinosaurs started out as people running around before they added the computer-generated imagery. I wonder how well the job of “dinosaur stand-in” pays. -via Youtube