Watch Disney’s ‘Paperman’ Short Film Online Download (2012),  A new in-house technology, called Meander, was used to create the unique hybrid look ofPaperman and was created by Disney software engineer Brian Whited. Meader allowed animators to create everything first digitally, then layer hand-drawn animation on top of those images. In describing the technique Kahrs said, “What you’re seeing is a very stylized CG layer [underneath the 2D drawing], but the feel of the image is very flat and lives in between the two.”Many say that the traditionally hand-drawn animated film is dead. Personally, we absolutely adore 2D animation and wish there were much more films released nowadays. But, according to Kahrs, Paperman may be the key to convincing studios and audiences to bring it back to Disney Paperman Making of 2D CGI Animated Short Film

Watch Disney’s ‘Paperman’ Short Film Online Download (2012)

Watch Disney’s ‘Paperman’ Short CG Animated VFX Technology Breakdown here




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