As a little promo for The Croods, which I am currently finishing for a spring release, I’ll be giving away this poster in the amount of 600 per day. Free, to anyone that comes by. It’s a collaboration between myself and Aurthur Fong, and features two of the characters from the film. They’re set against a background of story sketches from the making of the movie. It’s 20 x 24, and printed on heavy textured stock. This is a Con exclusive, and will never be available any other place, ever. So come by, bring a friend, and we can chat about the movie. You might meet Aurthur, who will be stopping by, and he can tell you how to paint like this, although it may take a few days. Oh, those little colored squares won’t be on yours. This was the untrimmed Proof. Which is the one I’ll be keeping.

The Croods – Concept Art by Chris Sanders and Arthur Fong


from Chris Sanders’ Blog