Texture Artist

Main Responsibilities:

Utilize traditional art training and knowledge of 3D art, design and computer graphics software to build efficient, high quality textures using next generation techniques such as normal mapping and advanced shaders.

Create photo-realistic textures from scratch as well as from photo source materials.
Use creative and efficient UV mapping to apply textures to 3D geometry.
Create normal maps from high-poly geometry.
Work within, and optimize for, real-time memory and shader constraints.
Work closely with the Art Director and Lead Artist to understand the creative direction as well as ensure the successful execution of the game’s visual design.

  • Multitask effectively, prioritize competing demands, and following through on details.


Strong traditional art skills.
Solid understanding of art fundamentals to include color theory, light, shade and form.• A good command of Photoshop and Maya.

  • Possess exemplary oral and written communication skills.
  • Have a genuine enthusiasm and interest in video games.

Preferred Extras:

  • Previous experience in video games.
  • Willing to relocate to Canada

Job Details

Salary $65,000.00
Required Experience 1 to 2 years

Job Application

Send resume and portfolio to