‘Prometheus’ VFX Breakdown by MPC – MPC Have released a video featurette showing the breakdown of various visual effects used in Ridley Scott’s Prometheus. Some truly remarkable footage for sure. The visual effects in Prometheus were mind blowing…

MPC Have released a video featurette showing the breakdown of various visual effects used in Ridley Scott’s Prometheus. Some truly remarkable footage for sure. The visual effects in Prometheus were mind blowing, watch the video on Youtube via the link below now!

‘Prometheus’ VFX Breakdown by MPC


Director: Ridley Scott
Screen Play: Damon Lindelof, Jon Spaihts
Concept Artist: Neville Page
Cinematography: Dariusz Wolski
Costume Design: Janty Yates and Neville Page
Set Decorator: Sonja Klaus

– On October 2, 2011 – leaked a lengthy review of the official Prometheus movie trailer by one of our members who was lucky enough to have seen it before the rest of the world. For those who got to read his post, it has created serious hype throughout the comunity and other sites.

Leaked images of a possible “official” Prometheus film poster on August 8th, 2011 which unfortunately turned out to be a fan made piece. The artwork was so well done however, we decided to give it a mention anyways.

– On June 09, 2011 leaked pictures of the Prometheus set found their way on the internet. They depicted structures which ressembled the ones seen in the Alien Derelict; (Alien 1979).

Movie Stills


‘Prometheus’ VFX Breakdown by MPC Cast Goes here

Noomi Rapace
Noomi Rapace plays the lead scientist named ” Elizabeth Shaw” on the expidition to the Alien world. She is the main character next to David and undergoes many transformations as a character. She battles Aliens and survives until the very end – in which her and David depart to find the origins of the Engineer race and ultimately to get the answers they’ve been looking for all this time.Michael Fassbender
Michael plays “David”, a robot synthetic (a main character) on board the Prometheus venturing out into space. David is secretive and manipulative. He is the reason Holloway gets infected and we believe he is also the reason the Engineer reacts so violently towards the crew upon waking him… We think David says something to upset him. David survives along with Shaw and accompanies Shaw to another Juggernaut space craft in hopes to once again finding the answers to life’s greatest mysteries.

Charlize Theron
Charlize will play the role of “Vickers” in Prometheus, a company rep joining the team as they venture into the unknown. Vickers represents the “company” on board thePrometheus. A plot twist reveals that Vickers is in fact Weyland’s daughter!

Kate Dickie
Kate plays the role of “Ford” in Prometheus – a scientist. Ford assists Shaw in bringing a fossilized Engineer head back to the Prometheus. She is also killed by an Engineer in one of the final scenes of the film.

Rafe Spall
Plays the character “Milburn” in Prometheus and is the unfortunate soul to try and get too close to a “Hammerpede” (A snake-like Alien parasite resembling that of a Facehugger). He unfortunately dies a very horrific death as the Hammerpede breaks his arm, crawls into his suit and begins to burrow itself down his throat – killing him from the inside out.

Logan Marshall-Green
Logan will be playing the role of “Holloway” in Prometheus – the other lead scientist on the expedition. Holloway is also in a relationship with Shaw and is infected mid-way through the film with Alien bio-fromer technology which later begins to mutate him – but not before he passes on some of the mutant DNA to Shaw in a passionate scene involving the two of them. The result of this is an Alien fetus which later grows up to be the horrific, proto-Facehugger, “Trilobite”!

Idris Elba
Idris will be playing “Janek” in Prometheus – the captain of the USCSS Prometheus and the man responsible for halting an invasion of Earth by a lone Engineer vessel (The Juggernaut) which carries a devastating payload of bio-former technology which could potentially wipe out the entire Human race.

Sean Harris
Sean plays the role of “Fifield” – a geologist on the Prometheus mission. Fifield keeps to himself and isn’t the friendliest of crew members. He also is one of the unfortunate ones to come into contact with the ‘Black Goo’ or ‘Bio-Former’ which mutates him into a deformed, mindless, killing machine.

Benedict Wong
Benedict will play the role of “Ravel” – a crew member along side Idris Elba (Janek) who aids in piloting the Prometheus vessel.

Emun Elliot
Emun will be set as “Chance” in Prometheus – along side Benedict Wong and Idris Elba as a crew member responsible for helping run the ship.

Guy Pearce
Guy Pearce plays the role of Peter Weyland, owner and founder of WEYLAND Corp – the company responsible for the Prometheus mission to investigate the origins of mankind. Still unknown to us as to whther or not Peter Weyland is the father or grandfather to Charles Bishop Weyland from the original Alien series. But his inclusion into Prometheus has officially tied Prometheus into the Alien timeline.

No word yet as to what is to become of the Yutani Corporation, which eventually joins forced with WEYLAND to form the famous WEYLAND-YUTANI CORPORATION from ALIENS. We may or may not see reference to this joining in Prometheus.

Patrick Wilson
Patrick plays Noomi Rapace’s character – Shaw’s father in a dream which David eaves drops on in the beginning scenes of the film.


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