In this tutorial Sergej talks about his personal project “Helicopter Model”, selected for the Autodesk “Fake or Foto” challenge. Sergej discusses the V-Ray shading, lighting and rendering techniques he used to achieve great photo realistic results.


Maya Creating a Photorealistic Helicopter Toy Render with V-Ray Tutorial

Instructor Sergej Zlahtic 

About Sergej Zlahtic: After completing his degree in Multimedia studies, Sergej studied 3D Animation and later graduated Advanced 3D Production studies at Media Design School New Zealand. As a student he worked on a short CG movie with his professor James Cunningham, produced by Greg Broadmore. During his studies Sergej’s realistic render work was chosen by the “Fake or Foto” Challenge and published on the Autodesk website. Sergej is now based in Europe and is working on Automotive Industry projects.