Being lovers of all things rotting and bitey, we are very interested in seeing how ZombiU turns out when it is released on the Wii U. You can keep your Italian plumbers and you adorable Pikmin, just give us a reanimated decomposing corpse and a pick-axe and we’re more than happy.


ZombiU, which has been developed by the mighty Ubisoft, will make use of the Wii U’s interactive features, freeing the player of the traditional controller inputs and hopefully immersing them further into the game. Check out this new gameplay video to get a better idea of how Nintendo’s new console will help you to slaughter the undead.

Making Of ZombiU Cinematic E3 2012 Trailer


Direction and Post-production : UNIT IMAGE –

Watch the Trailer : ZombiU Cinematic E3 2012 Trailer