Animation industry notables gathered at Royce Hall in Los Angeles for the 36th Annual Annie awards . ASIFA-Hollywood awarded prizes for last year’s best animation, including projects from film, television, commercials, video games, and short subjects.

It was a night of animation giants, with amazing presenters and presentees such as Henry Selick, Nick Park and John Lasseter.

Making Of Heart Stop Motion Animated Commercial 


Best Animated Television Commercial category, director and Dragon Stop Motion co-creator Jamie Caliri picked up the Annie for United Airlines “Heart”.

The commercial was shot using Dragon Stop Motion 1.0 with both Canon and Nikon DSLRs.

“Heart,” produced by Duck Studios in Los Angeles, included an incredible team, with character designs by Alex Juhasz, paper sculpting by Megan Brain and background designs by Jared Purrington. The lead animators were Scott Kravitz and Eileene Kohlhepp. Yorico Murakami multi-tasked as animator and puppet fabricator along with art department / puppet-maker man, Jeremy “The Beard” Bronson. David Candalaria took on the rigging duties and Huy Vu and Pablo Grande were the fearless art department leaders.


Agency: BDM
Production Company: Duck Studios / Santa Monica
Director / DP: Jamie Caliri
Executive Producer: Mark Medernach
Production Manager: Craig Houchin, Morgan Boardman, Peter Young
Character Design: Alex Juhasz
Production Design: Alex Juhasz, Jared Purrington
Paper Sculpture: Megan Brain
Stop Motion Animation: Scott Kravitz, Eileen Kohlhepp, Yorico Murakami
2D Animation Mentor: Lenny Graves
2D Animation: Alex Juhasz, Lenny Graves
2D Animation Assistant: Jan Naylor, Huy Vu
FX Animation: Peter Demund
Stop Motion Rigging: David Candalaria
Puppet Fabrication Leads: Yorico Murakami, Jeremy “The Beard” Bronson, Megan Brain
Art Department Leads: Huy Vu, Pablo Grande
Art Department: John Sumner, David Candalria, Jeremy “The Beard” Bronson
Compositing: Laura Sasso, Shih-Ting Hung, Hsin-I Tseng, Jose Alfonso
Production Assistants: Mary Anne Brannigan, Bryan Nigh, Richie McCord, Adam Linkenheldt, Dave Schwab

from vimeo