Bruce Lee was brought back to life in a new ad for Johnnie Walker Blue. Some are saying it’s offensive, especially considering Bruce Lee didn’t drink, but the spirit of the ad is in the right place.

It’s not surprising that people would complain about using Bruce Lee to sell a product. Using a hero to hock $170 whisky will certainly tug at the sensibilities of those who revere him. This helped me turn the corner and accept it for the inspiring piece of work that it is: “We got Shannon Lee, Bruce Lee’s daughter, to come aboard and we really picked her brain to make sure that everything was accurate from look to soul. We wanted to be as respectful to the man and legend as we could.” If it’s OK with the man’s daughter, it’s OK with me. After that I was free to recognize the incredible work that went into creating a completely CGI Bruce Lee.

Making Of Bruce Lee Johnnie Walker “Change The Game” 

Check it Out Full Commercial Released

Client: Johnnie Walker Blue Label
Director: Joseph Kahn
Cinematographer: Christopher Probst
Agency: BBH, Johnny Tan Creative Director
Agency Producer: BBH, Krystie Koh
Line Producer: Merrilyn Lim, Gravity Films
Executive Producer HSI Productions: Kim Dellara
Music: Brain & Melissa
VFX: The Mill, London