Mac n Cheese Making of is A short insight into the production process of our graduation film, Mac ‘n’ Cheese.

The Mac’n’Cheese project was the last chance Tom Hankins, Gijs van Kooten and Roy Nieterau had to make the film they’d always wanted to create. Graduating from the Utrecht School of Arts, they didn’t have computers to map out the project until they were a month into production. “Each of us presented some ideas and then we split again to work at home, alone,” explains Roy Nieterau. “The first week we were able to work together we decided we needed some help. Guido Puijk, a third year student and friend of ours, joined the team. This was a good thing because we had some major ideas to realize, we needed all the manpower we could get!”

Mac n Cheese Making of

Visual style

Inspired by slapstick comedy and their childhood cartoons like Tom and Jerry and The Roadrunner, the Utrecht team aimed to create something fun to watch. Something to watch any time of the day, over and over. The style was reminiscent of Valve’s Team Fortress 2. “Their ‘cel shading’ technique has popped up all over the place ever since. The talented French students from Meet Buck and Salesman Pete made excellent use of a more elaborate adaptation of this style. Blown away by their results we were certain we wanted to create something alike, but also very much in our own way,” says Hankins.


The Utrecht crew started from scratch, with lots of different workflow scenarios to get their ideas onto the screen. The texturing was the most crucial part in creating a successful shader setup. “Everything else is just additional awesomeness to make everything in the shots work together,” says Hankins. “Blending all the shadow styles together in post gave our me a lot of control. We were able to fake a little SSS, adjust shadows on every part of a character in every single shot!”

– Cast: Tom Hankins, Gijs van Kooten, Roy Nieterau, Guido Puijk
– Camera/Edit: Susie Oosting

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