How to Create Cinema Projection in 3dsmax Video Tutorial this is our tutorial where In this block of 3 video tutorials, we’ll be looking at how to render and use panoramic, 360-degree images in 3d Studio Max.  This week is part 1 where I cover how to render these “fish eye lens” images and save them out as high dynamic range images (HDR or HDRI).  It’s pretty easy to do in mental ray- just apply the “Wrap Around (lume)” lens shader, and you’re done!

In part 2 we’ll cover how to render great backgrounds with e-on software’s vue.  Finally, in part 3, I’ll show you how to bring those big renders back into 3dsMax and use them as image-based lighting.

Time for another tutorial video!  This week I’ll be showing you how to project a spline path onto a surface in order to get the spline to “stick” to an object in 3d Studio Max.  It’s an easy technique, and I’ll show you how it can be useful when placing rivets onto a non-trivial surface.

 How to Create Cinema Projection in 3dsmax Video Tutorial



Cinema Projection

Cinema Projection02

Cinema Projection03

Cinema Projection 04

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