The Generi rig includes full lip sync and facial controls and the brand new trigger UI selection method for selecting puppet controls. He’s a simple model with a production quality rig perfect for learning character animation.

Generi is a very generic/basic model rigged for character animation – ready to animate! Full lip sync and facial controls including the brand new trigger UI by Hamish McKenzie is included. It’s a simple model with a high quality rig.

The rig is set up with my personal preferences – the spine could do with a more complex setup, but otherwise this is what I like to use. Feel free to have a play and use for non commercial purposes.

Also included are a couple of useful scripts that make animating in Maya a lot easier. See the bottom of this text file for a brief description of the useful scripts. A big thanks to Hamish McKenzie for these fabulous scripts. Check out his website at for more great scripts.

A slightly earlier version of this rig was used in the winning entry of the 10 second club October 2003. A similar setup was used in the short film Cane-toad.


Generi – Download Free Maya Rig

Right click download here (500k)

Generi is a free model rigged and ready for character animation in Maya 5.x.



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