Ballistic Publishing is proud to announce EXPOSÉ 11, the eleventh edition of the premier annual artbook, which celebrates the creative talents of digital artists worldwide. These books sit in the collections of many top Game and Film studios – your next employer may be looking at your images in the near future!


EXPOSÉ 11: Call For Entries Open

Submissions Are Now Open!

Call For Entries – Ballistic Publishing is now calling on artists to submit digital images for consideration in EXPOSÉ 11.

We are interested in digitally-created fine art, whether it be 2D or 3D, for commercial use, or personal satisfaction. 

As with all Ballistic Publishing showcase publications, artists with work published in EXPOSÉ 11 will receive a complimentary copy of the book and will enjoy worldwide exposure in the premier collection of digitally-created artwork to ever be published.

There is no entry cost nor limit to the amount of artwork you submit.

EXPOSÉ 11, Entry Deadline:  28 March 2013, Midnight GMT

Dedication to Artists
Ballistic Publishing’s dedication to representing artists through its publications has changed the lives of artists worldwide and launched many careers. Ballistic’s EXPOSÉ titles have given many artists unprecedented publicity at no cost, while inspiring countless others!

“EXPOSÉ 10 showcases the finest digital artworks on the planet and I feel amazed that I too found a place among those immensely talented artists around the world! This will definitely motivate me to hone my skills and visualization even more. I thank the Ballistic Publishing and CGSociety for everything. EXPOSÉ 10 is already a benchmark and I am tempted to setting new standards ahead.”
Sourav Dhar, INDIA.

“Thank you so much for your recognition and thanks to all at Ballistic! You’ve make me the happiest girl in France!”
Sophie Vandecappelle, FRANCE.

‘”It felt great to be a part of this great sum of talents, represented in EXPOSE 10. Ballistic’s books were the greatest source of inspiration, and milestones to be achieved. I won’t lie if I say it’s a great relief to see my illustrations published despite such an amazing competition. Hope to see you all next year ‘”
Goran Josic, USA.

When I read that there was a call for entries for EXPOSE 10 I decided that I would give it a shot and submit some of my work. Knowing that there were over 10,000 entries I was beside myself when I found out that two of my pieces would be included in this amazing art book, but once I was told that my ‘After the Rapture’ piece would be on the cover of the Limited Edition version of EXPOSE 10, I was truly honoured and amazed!! Thank you Ballistic Publishing for seeing something in my work and allowing me the chance to be in the company of the hundreds of amazing and talented artists that make up EXPOSE 10!!” 
Crystal Wall-Lancaster, CANADA.

“This book emits an insane amount of inspiration and creative energy! It brings people together from all around the world! Thank you so much Ballistic Publishing and congratulations to all the artists!”
Serge Pikhotskiy, USA.

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The EXPOSÉ 11 Awards
The EXPOSÉ 11 Awards will celebrate the highest artistic achievement in a diverse range of categories and styles. Award recipients will demonstrate an outstanding fusion of artistic and technical excellence.
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EXPOSÉ 11 Committee
The EXPOSÉ 11 Awards will be judged by a highly talented group of industry leaders and artists.
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Publishing Details
 will be released worldwide by the end of August 2013. Due to the rush of last minute entries, we ask that artists with existing works submit them as quickly as possible to avoid any technical difficulties or mail system failures. We look forward to seeing your work featured in EXPOSÉ 11!

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