Autodesk 3ds Max 2013

Autodesk has announced the 3DS Max 2013 Product Update 02 is available for download

Fixes in this update are:

Point Cache files saved from 3ds Max / Design 2013 would not open in previous versions, and Point Cache files from previous versions would not open in 3ds Max / Design 2013. These files now work correctly.
Using Alt+Tab to go to other programs while moving a key in TrackView no longer leaves the program in a hold state.
With the Region Key Tool, dragging in negative time caused a program error. This has been fixed.
Updating a CAT rig no longer unlinks non-CAT children.

The Manager and Server now display the Unicode resource string correctly.
The Monitor, Server, and Manager dialogs now display double-byte job names correctly.

Customer Error Reports (CER):
There are 25+ CER related fixes in this Product Update. We have fixed reports in the following areas: Reports related to closing the software, Disconecting Parameter Wires, List controllers, Unicode, Animation Keys, Computing Normals, UI rollouts.

When creating text via the Text Spline object, the default text is now maintained.
Text Spline objects did not immediately display when using Save To Previous. They now display correctly. However, some High-ASCII characters may fail to load immediately.
When the same object was assigned to multiple channels in the Morpher modifier, a program error could occur when resetting. This has been fixed.
Adding selection-locked objects to hidden or frozen layers now works correctly.
A memory corruption issue with closing the program while the Render Scene dialog was open has been identified and fixed.
A program error when opening .max files from previous versions has been fixed.
The Terrain Compound object failed to create and apply a material with a Vertex Color map when applying to Color By Elevation using the Create Defaults button. This now works correctly.
A program error on startup related to CUI XML files has been fixed.
Resizing the Command Panel quickly would cause a program error. This has been fixed.
The Command Panel now works correctly when minimizing and redocking.
A common program error on exit was fixed.
An internal performance problem was identified in TextFile::Seek().This has been fixed.
Some .max files from previous versions would not open or merge. This has been fixed.

An update in the code has resolved a program error related to Normals.

A program error that occurred when creating the Info Center window has been fixed.

When linking Revit files with multiple views, the Select Revit View dialog now works correctly.
Ellipse now works correctly when exporting to IGES files.
The Add Object Name To Material option from Inventor files now works correctly.
FBX files with Autodesk Materials now load and display correctly.

The viewport was not displayed correctly when the install path included extended ASCII or double-byte characters. Viewports now work correctly.
When prompted to save a new MAXScript on a localized OS, the prompt message showed ‘^0^’ for “(Untitled)”. This has been fixed.
When using the 3ds Max Design Lighting Analysis tool, the Illuminance and Luminance fields on the Parameters rollout now display correctly.
The Turn To gPoly modifier has now been localized.
The class name of Deformable gPoly is now translated properly.
When using multiple ParamBlocks, only the first ParamBlock was being localized in MAXScript. This has been fixed.
The Egg Spline class, node name, and object name shared the same string entry. This has been fixed.
CAT Bone is now localized in
Plug-In Manager descriptions are now localized.

When using Meters as the system unit the values in exported XML files were 1/1000 of the correct value. This has been fixed.
Redistributing mass for a dynamic ragdoll now works correctly.
Applying a dynamic ragdoll on a biped using footstep mode no longer causes a program error.
Constraint angular spring constants are now properly using force per degree (previously they were using force per radian).
“Export MassFX Scene” from the simulation menu no longer causes a program error.
Removing forces from the Multi-Editor now works correctly.
A MAXScript error no longer occurs when attempting to remove a force in the Multi-Editor when the forces list is empty.
Starting a simulation at a negative frame now works correctly.
The Bake and Unbake commands now work from the MassFX Explorer.
Initial motion section is now disabled if rigidbody is set to Kinematic.
A memory leak was identified with the MassFX modifier panel redraw. This has been fixed.
Changing a Biped’s bones to dynamic if ragdoll is kinematic has been fixed.
Forces now awaken objects from the start if they are in sleep mode.
Inflation and Vertices parameters would always reset to the default value. This has been fixed.
Ragdoll bones search edit input was not working. This has been fixed.

When using getSaveFilename an error would occur if the file name extension was more than three characters long. Now the method supports file name extensions longer than three characters.
Scripted Custom Attributes are now parsed correctly.
An issue was identified when calling Quadrify via MAXScript. This has been fixed.
Scripted material parameters in an XRef material that did not match the material in the current scene would cause a program error. This has been fixed.
A program error with the PickNodeCallback holding invalid has been fixed.
patch.weld2Verts and patch.weldEdges now work correctly.
The error message for unsaved scripts referred to the previous script’s file name. This has been fixed.
When using render() the renderer now respects the safe frame settings.
The catmuscle() deformertype now returns the expected value.
An internal CAT code fix was done related to dotNetMethod.

Maya Mode:
Some machine setups were only able to switch to Maya Mode when running the program in Administration mode. This has been fixed.
Skin vertices can now be subtracted from a vertex selection.
The Middle Mouse Button is now supported.

Nitrous viewports:
Turning on the Backface Culled option caused a Nitrous performance slowdown. This has been fixed.
Using Hide By Category no longer cause a performance drop.
Objects that were hidden on save now remain hidden when you reload the file.
There was a problem displaying a material with a black diffuse color that had a Normal Bump map applied. This has been fixed.

Using the mental ray and iray renderers, some objects were not blurred when rendering with motion blur. Objects now blur properly.
The error message for the Job Assignment dialog when Backburner failed to start was unreadable. This has been fixed.
When rendering via Deadline, there was a file load issue. Deadline now works correctly.
Tone Mapping now works properly with mental ray Hair.
Quicksilver was creating files and not removing them. Now it removes temporary files on exit.
In 32-bit builds of the software, the Quicktime render output path was not being set correctly. This has been fixed.
When rendering to .psd, the render range options did not display. This has been fixed.

The Retimer Tool could cause a program error when using Undo. This has been fixed.
A duplicate Retimer controller could be created when first assigning the controller. This has been fixed.
The Retimer naming system now conforms to the standard naming convention of the software.
In Retimer, a minor UI fix was added for the markers.
Using Save To Previous no longer strips trailing ‘(R0)’ on track names.
Deleting Retimer when multiple Track Views are open no longer causes a program error.
Files saved via Save To Previous 2012 no longer open with a retime.dlc error.

Slate Material Editor:
The Slate material/map browser no longer corrupts .max files when it saves a material library.
When using the D3D (DirectX) viewport driver, a program error would occur when using ArtToolkit materials. This has been fixed.
Gradient Ramp material flag labels with long names no longer reload with unreadable characters in the name.

State Sets:
Compositor and Link now get all State Sets states.
The Rotation and Transform information from linked Target Cameras is now read correctly.
The Composite View would refresh multiple times for the creation of each state. This behavior has been fixed.
Layers in the Composite View can now be dragged to re-order them.
Resetting 3ds Max when State Sets is minimized no longer causes a program error.
A situation where State Sets could at times get corrupted in some scenes, and State Sets would not load and could not be reset, has been fixed.

VW Unwrap:
A program error when using Weld has been identified and fixed.

When resetting a scene that used a custom background, the background is now completely removed.
Additional fixes have gone in for cases where DirectX would not respond when unlocking the OS.

Viewport Canvas:
Launching Viewport Canvas no longer causes a program error.

Custom Workspaces are now available after restarting the software.
The Restore To Defaults feature now works correctly.
Docked Scene Explorer did not display properly in multiple viewport tabs. This has been fixed.
An issue switching workspaces with hotkeys has been fixed.

Check the readme files : 3ds Max 2013 PU02 / 3ds Max Design PU02

Download 3DS Max 2013 Product Update 02 follow the links below

3ds Max Product Update 02
3ds Max Design 2013 Product Update 02