Johnnie Walker Blue Label in China has a new face of their brand; Bruce Lee. Yes, Bruce Lee. Creative agency BBH recreated Lee walking through a high level Hong Kong building, while giving a monologue on being a ‘Game Changer’. The agency worked with vfx company, The Mill, in London to create a completely CGI Bruce Lee over nine months. Director, Joseph Kahn, brought Shannon Lee, Bruce’s daughter on set  for consulting on the look and soul of her late father. The ad is as erie as it is breathtaking to see such a memorable icon in fresh film.

Bruce Lee Johnnie Walker – Game Changer Commercial


Client: Johnnie Walker Blue Label
Director: Joseph Kahn
Cinematographer: Christopher Probst
Agency: BBH, Johnny Tan Creative Director
Agency Producer: BBH, Krystie Koh
Line Producer: Merrilyn Lim, Gravity Films
Executive Producer HSI Productions: Kim Dellara
Music: Brain & Melissa
VFX: The Mill, London


This spot isn’t about drinking, nor does Bruce Lee ever pitch, hold, talk about it. It’s a short inspirational film sponsored by Johnnie Walker. Those making comparisons of “water” to “alcohol” are literalists & wrong. Last thing alcohol wants to be is water. It’s a metaphor for life. It’s his metaphor in his actual words. I spent a year living and breathing this man, thinking about him every day. For me, it’s not an ad. It’s an exploration & celebration of him. This is a sculpture in a different medium, paid for by a different church. I stand behind it.