BookScatter Script For 3DSMAX is a script i started writing for a project i am working on.
Its in the early stages of development, but since it works ok in the tests i did i decided to share it with you and get some feedback.
Right now the script is encrypted but i will release it under GNU GPL license when i finish it.
Also keep in mind that the script does not contain or create any book 3d models or shelves/bookcases. It assumes you already have the book 3d models and you want to save time scattering them in shelves, bookcases etc..

BookScatter Script For 3DSMAX 

Book Scatter

BookScatter version 0.5 Update 

This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,

but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
So please save your work before trying it and report any issues so i can look into them when i have the time!

Unzip the file from the download link below and inside you will find the BookScatter_by_moure.mse file.
Just run the provided .mse file (through MaxScript –> Run Script) every time you need it and you will get the script ui on the left.

1. Load your books 3d models (the more the better) and align them in the viewport so that you can see their side with the title from the front view.

2. Select the books and press the Fix button on BookScatter. That realigns the books pivot point so that its easier for the script to scatter them correctly on the next step.

3. After you fix the pivot point choose how many shelves you want vertically and horizontally (in the example above i had used 8 and 8) length and gap settings as long as the randomization options. Then select the book models and press run to see the results. The script will try to fill the shelves length with as many books it can based on the shelve length and the book size. So do not try to scatter a book that its side is 50 cm in a shelve that is 30 cm, pay attention to your system and models units in order to see correct results.

Note1: Each book model should be a separate object. NOT A GROUP! Using a group will produce some dummy objects. Just attach the different book parts in an editable poly!

Note2: Since you can not add comments here , i encourage you to give me feedback and bug report in the scriptspot page of the script here.

Note3: You can find the book models i used for the tutorial here. Just detach the different books, cause when you download them the books are attached together.

Note4: You can find the book models i used for the new 0.5 logo in VisCorbel website for free if you subscribe to his newsletter!

It should work in 3ds Max 2010-13 versions.
More features coming soon…

To download the script press here.


Book Scatter Tutorial


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