3ds Max Vray Exterior Lighting Tutorial
In this tutorial you will learn How to lighting & rendering an exterior scene with V-Ray in 3ds Max 2012.
– Open your Project File
– VrayPhysicalCamera
– Render Setup (f10) Choose Vray Render
– Daylight Systems
Change the highlighted drop downs to use a “Vraysun” & No Skylight.
Time Setup’ Change as you want.
Get Location’ You can select a location somewhere on the earth & the daylight system will automatically adjust the sun to behave like on that location.
-f-number = 10 & Click Guess Vert
-vignetting = 1,5 & Click custom balance change become white color’ white balance = Custom’ shutter speed (s^-1 = 120.
V-Ray Setup
-Image Sampler’ Antaliasing filter = Catmull-Rom
-V-Ray Environment (GI Environment chance become white color).
-V-Ray Indirect Ilumination GI (Click On).
-V-Ray Irradiance Map (Current preset = Medium & Click = Show Calc. phase).
-You can adjust the daylight systems by manual.
-Hit Render (f9)’ And you are done.. 

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